Program Focus

Our main goal at Hand in Hand preschool is to foster a child's love of learning and teach them that they are loved by God. Children are naturally curious and we build on that curiosity through playtime, imagination and games. We explore this great big world God has given us through unit studies and hands on activities. Our adventures let us dive into the alphabet, the world of numbers, shapes, and colors, literature, science and nature, music, community awareness, and social skills. Indoor and outdoor playtime allows for gross and fine motor skill development while doing what kids do best – play!  All activities and instruction will be rooted in truth that each child is loved by God, and that God has a purpose and plan for their life. By learning more about the world around them, they can begin to develop the necessary skills to embark on the adventure He has planned for them.

Two-Year Program

Hand in Hand Preschool is a two-year program.

1st Year:  3-4 years old  Playtime introducing letters, numbers, shapes, songs and working together with classmates. Having fun while learning to share and work together is our goal.

2nd Year:  4 or 5 years old if attending Kindergarten the following year. Games and structured playtime to encourage confidence in writing their name, counting to 100, identifying letters and numbers, beginning to sound out words, Solving problems with classmates with kindness and compassion.
(3rd year can be added if needed. Two years would be spent in the 3-4 yr old class.)

All students MUST be completely toilet trained.
All students need to bring a sack lunch.
Days & Times:

Hours: 9:30 am - 1:00 pm

4 days a week / M-TH
$375 per month

3 days a week – T/W/TH
$300 per month

2 days a week: M/W or T/TH
$230 per month
$230 per month

*All information is subject to change.

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